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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is.

For Brain Development – Research from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and the National Institutes of Health indicate that the amount of face-to-face communication a child receives during the first three years of life may go on to determine her later social, emotional, and intellectual competence and contribute to her future school success. Gooru Mirror makes eye-to-eye communication effortless in the stroller.

Object Permanence and Separation Anxiety- Separation anxiety typically develops in children between 8 months and two years of age. As babies gain object permanence, they understand mom and dad exist when not in front of them. They don’t necessarily understand concepts of time, such as how long until mom will come back. The resulting anxiety can cause emotional problems in elementary school and beyond. The Gooru Mirror keeps children connected with loved ones during these critical development periods.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection and Treatment – Autism affects an estimated 1 in 53 children in America. Typically developing children will look at themselves in the Gooru Mirror or look at their parent through the mirror when spoken to or called. Autism onset often begins at 18 months of age. If your child started interacting through the Gooru Mirror and suddenly stops, this is an excellent time to check in with your pediatrician. Early diagnosis leads to better outcomes.

Babies naturally love the sight of a parent, grandparent, or nanny, but most babies are also excited to explore the world around them. The Gooru Mirror provides babies and toddlers the best of both worlds

Stroller frame sizes and shapes vary from brand to brand. Our robust clamp is specially developed to securely attach to full-sized strollers everywhere.

Unlike a low-quality backseat car mirror, the Gooru Mirror is made of a high-quality safety glass, protected, and formed into a convex shape. The mirror casing consists of polished Stainless Steel, which ensures easy cleaning and disinfecting while providing durability and resistance to weather conditions. Our mirror and casing are finished with smooth curves and angles before being wrapped with silicone rubber for enhanced safety.

The novel gooseneck is both strong and flexible, with traits many engineers thought would be impossible to achieve.  The Gooru Mirror will stay in place during walks, jogs, and struts anywhere your stroller can go.

One should not look directly at the sun, even via a mirror. Position the mirror at an angle optimal for face-to-face communication in a stroller. If you see the sun glaring in the mirror, so can your baby. We suggest gently adjusting the mirror down during these times so that the child can see him/herself instead of you – they love that too!

No! Unlike a traditional mirror, the convex Gooru Mirror has been designed to separate, dull, and disperse reflected sunlight.

Our clamp securely attaches to any high-end stroller frame on the market and offers a quick fastening and release mechanism that is simple yet child-proof. Our clamp claws feature rubber with rugged construction, specifically designed to prevent movement once in place. Your baby will not be able to pull it off, and in the experience of the earliest users, your baby won’t want to.

Everything is backward in a mirror! Fortunately, this is not a problem as the child can still see the entire hand signal and corresponding facial expressions. Many baby signs are easy for babies and toddlers to learn in a stroller as you walk!

Absolutely. You can attach your new Gooru Mirror anywhere you’d like to get a rearview, including a crib and a Wheelchair.