The Gooru Stroller Mirror - Pre-Sale - Delivery by March 1st. Limited Availability!

Our Mission

 Gooru Inc. believes that babies need more than just hugs to excel in this world.

We were founded by Puck Fernsten, a  father, continuous learner, entrepreneur, and elite university admissions selector and coach.  When his children were born, he wanted products that would help raise his children’s potential and give them the best chance at achieving future leadership.  Gooru is the home for products that help parents do just that.

Our first offering enables parents to accelerate their child’s early development through enabled face-to-face communication, in the crib, then in the stroller.  This increases child’s potential during every stroller ride.

Communication is key to human bonds and human potential.

The Gooru Mirror is more than a mirror; it’s a means of improving the lives of people young and old.  The specially designed Gooru Stroller Mirror is convex and large enough to  monitor and communicate with children in strollers, or provide a person traveling in a wheelchair a clear view of what’s behind them.  We have used the highest quality components available anywhere on earth to create this product.  Our clamp has an ingenious design that attaches to any frame, while the novel gooseneck keeps the advanced anti-glare outfitted mirror in place. More than five years of development and more than 30 years of research went into the making of the Gooru Mirror.