The Gooru Stroller Mirror - Pre-Sale - Delivery by March 1st. Limited Availability!

Securely Attaches to All Cribs and Forward-Facing Strollers

Connecting Loved Ones When It Matters

Children are typically switched to a forward-facing stroller as soon as they can sit up on their own. While babies love the sight of a parent, grandparent, or nanny, the view of the world in front of them is new and enthralling.

The Gooru Mirror provides children the best of both worlds, an exciting view of the world ahead, and a clear, comforting view of a beloved protector, literally and figuratively pushing them forward.

Inspired By Scientific Research From The World's Most Respected Universities

Research from Harvard University, Cambridge University, and the National Institutes of Health, all agree: face-to-face communication with children under 3 years of age is a loving investment that pays a lifetime of dividends.
The Gooru Mirror makes face-to-face communication effortless in crib-time, or Stroller-time.
"I am a HUGE FAN of anything that will promote language development and social engagement, and I think 'Gooru's Ultimate Baby Mirror' is great for that."
Susan Haley
Speech Language Pathologist, Social Cognitive Coach
Lexington, MA

The PERFECT Baby Shower Gift

Gooru's Ultimate Baby Mirror is the highest quality mirror ever produced, and first-ever able to stay in place on any shaped Crib and Stroller.

Babies gain confidence, and experience connection, increased safety, and perspective.

Give the gift that will provide value throughout the most precious time of a child's life.

Then pass it on to a friend or family member confined to a different kind of chair.

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