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The Gooru Stroller Mirror


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Made in the USA to our exacting specifications

SECURE Stroller installation in seconds

Attaches easily to most stroller brands with our proprietary clamp

Sturdy gooseneck for flexibility keeps mirror in place 

Face-to-face time birth to age 3, the most important thing parents can do to support brain development. 

Unlike small flat mirrors, the Gooru is a large, convex mirror that supports interaction and use of sign language (including Baby Signs, a pre-verbal system of communication for infants.)

Monitor medically fragile children

Support persistent engagement and intervention with autistic children

Makes a great gift for new parents

Ships in time for Holidays (in the USA)


The Gooru Stroller Mirror -Based on Scientific Research

Accelerating brain development

Talking To Your Baby Face-to-Face

 “As a mom and a Speech-Language Pathologist I am a huge fan of anything that will promote language development and social engagement. I think the mirror function is a GREAT idea for that.”  

Susan Haley

Speech Language Pathologist/Social Cognitive Coach

Lexington High School, MA

Based in Scientific research

Support For Children With ASD

 "Early intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a key factor in addressing the social deficits associated with ASD. The Gooru Stroller Mirror provides children with the opportunity to sit in a forward facing stroller, being exposed to the environment around them, while being able to communicate with their caregiver through conversation, eye contact and facial expressions."

Jenny Fernsten

Autism Strand Specialist

Boston Public Schools


Baby Sign language

Sign Language Enabled

 The Gooru Stroller Mirror has a convex shape to support communication in sign language. You and your child will be able to see each other clearly. 

Start with a single sign.  Repeat often.

Gooru's first mission is to serve Family Connection

Connecting Parents and Children During Key Developmental Years

Eye contact in forward facing stroller

  Eye Contact in Forward Facing Stroller

The Gooru Stroller System outfits strollers with the features modern caregivers need.

Secures to most forward-facing strollers, providing developmental advantages for babies on every run, stroll or strut.  

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:::            :::        :::     :::       ==   =    

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The Gooru Stroller Mirror Available NOW (Limited Supply)


    Support Baby Brain Development


You can now easily attach The Gooru Stroller Mirror to most full-sized strollers with our proprietary, flexible clamp. 


-Accelerate child brain development 

- Communicate with your baby more meaningfully 

Backed by decades of brain development science from leading institutions.

 Perfect for all babies and young children who travel in forward-facing strollers.

Meeting Autism and Hearing Challenges Head On

Autism Support, Deaf child Support

  Autism and Sign Language Support

While eye-to-eye (and face-to-face) communication is highly relevant for all children under 3, the Gooru Stroller Mirror also supports gradual habituation to eye contact, a therapy recommended for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

For caregivers or children with hearing or speaking difficulties, or those using  sign language for brain building,  The Gooru Stroller Mirror is large enough to provide a clear view to support non-verbal communication. 

The Stroller Mirror with a Mission

· Stay face-to-face with your child · The importance of eye contact with kids · Parent-child communication · Never lose that connection · Evidence-based parenting · Parenting styles · Conscious parenting · Mindful existence ·The Gooru Stroller Mirror is more than a mirror; it’s an important part of your conscious parenting toolkit. Unlike other mirrors, the specially designed Gooru Stroller Mirror is convex and large enough to allow you to monitor and communicate with your child while they ride in any front-facing stroller. The sturdy gooseneck attaches to any frame, keeps the mirror steady and allows precision placement. More than 30 years of research by leading institutions, including Harvard, Cambridge University, and MIT, has shown that the most important thing you can do for your child’s emotional, intellectual and social growth is increasing the amount of time you spend face-to-face with your child. Why lose this important connection to your child while they are just inches away from you? The Gooru Stroller Mirror helps you do what’s best for your child.

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The Gooru Stroller Mirror


($7.99 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The Gooru Stroller Mirror helps you do what’s best for your child. 

Limited quantity available in 2019

All Pre-Orders will arrive domestically by December 15th.

Global Orders arrive by January 1, 2020.

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