How the Gooru Stroller Mirror Helps Children Avoid Separation Anxiety Issues

On Object Permanence and Separation Anxiety  Children develop significant object permanence between 4-8 months of age, without yet developing a concept of time. They realize mom and dad exist when out of sight, yet won’t know mom will come back if she leaves, which can cause a child to cry with fear. Children between 8 months and […]

Education at Home: Pandemic Plan for Working Parents with Kids Aged 4+

A friend asked me how my young family was managing through COVID 19 and quarantine, so I put together this blog post highlighting our process.  It works great for us, and I hope it can help some people looking for support during the pandemic. Problem: – How to get older kids (4+) to run their […]

Using Gooru Stroller Mirror to Communicate with Sign Language

An estimated 500,000 people use American Sign Language (ASL) on any given day. Sign language is a form of human communication that is necessary for some and may provide significant developmental advantages to young children, deaf, and hearing alike. Benefits of Sign Language for All Children National Institutes of Health:  “Existing research suggests that there […]