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The Use of Gooru Mirror as a Support Tool for Autism Spectrum Engagement

When attached to a stroller, Gooru Mirror increases face-to-face time with young children, aiding bonding and general brain development. There may be additional benefits for neurodiverse children on the Autism Spectrum, representing an estimated 1 in 54 babies in the USA. Gooru Mirror as a Support Option for Autism Spectrum Children on theAutism Spectrum become […]

Using Gooru Mirror to Communicate with Sign Language on a Stroller

An estimated 500,000 people use American Sign Language (ASL) on any given day. Sign language is a form of human communication necessary for some and may provide significant developmental advantages to young children, deaf and hearing alike. Benefits of Sign Language for All Children National Institutes of Health:  “Existing research suggests that there may be […]

Accelerated Child Brain Development when Parents use Serve and Return during Stroller time

“The most important influence on early brain development is the real-life serve and return interaction with caring adults.” Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child. The award-winning Gooru Mirror is the world’s first purpose-built, universally attachable mirror explicitly designed for use on any stroller. For the good of children everywhere, Gooru Mirror makes Serve and Return […]

Education at Home: Pandemic Plan for Working Parents with Kids Aged 4+

A friend asked me how my family of four was managing through COVID 19 and quarantine, so I put together this blog post highlighting our process.  It works great for us, and I hope it can help some people looking for support during the pandemic. Problem: – How to get older kids (4+) to run […]