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The Gooru Stroller Mirror

$199.00($7.99 shipping)

A Stroller Mirror Worthy of All Babies and All Strollers

High Quality, Wide-Angle, and Built for Strollers.

GSM's safety glass mirror is protected and formed in a convex shape, allowing your child the clearest view of the world around them, and the people they love most.
The GSM casing is made out of polished Stainless Steel, which ensures easy cleaning and disinfecting, durability and resistance to weather conditions.
The Mirror and Casing are machined with smooth curves and angles, then wrapped with silicone rubber for enhanced safety.

A custom and flexible positioning arm built for safety/convenience.

Our custom flexible arm is made of a stainless steel core and wrapped in a protective, silicone sleeve.

This custom manufactured component has been developed and tested to respond to the needs for strength, flexibility, and safety.

It will stay in place during walks, jogs, and runs anywhere your stroller can go.
Position the mirror for optimal eye contact once, and enjoy the view.

Sign Language Enabled

The Gooru Stroller Mirror has a convex shape to support communication in sign language. You and your child will be able to see each other clearly.

Start with a single sign. Repeat often.

Gooru's first mission:
to serve family connection.

Connecting Parents and Children During Key Developmental Years​

Eye Contact in Forward Facing Stroller

The Gooru Stroller System outfits strollers with the features modern caregivers need.

Secures to most forward-facing strollers, providing developmental advantages for babies on every run, stroll or strut.
Proto 9 2019

The Gooru Stroller Mirror Available SOON (Limited Supply)

Support Baby Brain Development

You can now easily attach The Gooru Stroller Mirror to most full-sized strollers with our proprietary, flexible clamp.

  • Accelerate child brain development
  • Communicate with your baby more meaningfully

Backed by decades of brain development science from leading institutions.

Perfect for all babies and young children who travel in forward-facing strollers.

kids together

Meeting Autism and Hearing Challenges Head On

While eye-to-eye (and face-to-face) communication is highly relevant for all children under 3, the Gooru Stroller Mirror also supports gradual habituation to eye contact, a therapy recommended for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

For caregivers or children with hearing or speaking difficulties, or those using sign language for brain building, The Gooru Stroller Mirror is large enough to provide a clear view to support non-verbal communication.

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